Sarah Michelle Gellar: I Can’t Be Prouder of ‘Buffy’

It’s been 10 years since “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” ended its seven-year run on TV. I had the chance to ask series star Sarah Michelle Gellar about the show’s lasting legacy.

“Wait, wait. Hold on. Really?” she replied when The Huffington Post told her the 10th anniversary of the “Buffy” finale was upon us. “Wow. God, you just blew my mind.” Robin Williams, who accompanied Gellar on the red carpet said, “It’s kind of wonderful.”

“It is,” Gellar said. “I’m incredibly proud of that show — proud of everybody on it, of what we did … You can’t be prouder of that show. It still holds up in reruns and I’m blessed every day … I’ve been pretty lucky.”

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The last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired ten years ago today on May 20th, 2003

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"How a TV Show Episode Gets Written" - A PSA


Hey everyone - So if you’re following me, you know that I’m not really a ‘fandom’ guy; more of a ‘casual viewer’, hence why I don’t post fandom-related things very often.

However! I was having a conversation with Octoswan yesterday, who is an active member of the Tumblr-SPN community, about a lot of the drama going on with y’all lately and I checked out some of the posts related to said drama. I noticed that, in many cases, there were a lot of accusations and questions being thrown around about “the writers.”

“Do the writers just not know how to write women??”

“Why do the writers think that there always needs to be a romance??”

“Why do the writers…?”

And so on. What I started to notice was that there was a trend of blaming the writers for the problems that fans are having with the show or the direction it’s going, or for ‘baiting’ the fans in various ways, so as a screenwriter working in the industry (if not on SPN) I wanted to clear up a few misconceptions and notions about how a TV show episode gets written.

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Learned a lot! :) ^Highly Recommended Reading!^ This EXPLAINS SO MUCH!

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she threw a table……. she swatted a flying chair with her purse……. and then she caught another chair………… hOW

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Yeah, she was attractive- UNTIL SHE OPENED HER MOUTH!!

The point of the comic is that it doesn’t matter that he finds her attractive. He was making her uncomfortable. It’s not flattering to be told that by a stranger, it actually seems quite creepy…

The “I’d fuck you bit” would be a bit overdoing it, yeah, but the other two were just compliments. FUCK! People have to make it harder every passing year to try and find a love life! Just… *grabs head and walks away back to Gmod* Fuck it, I’m done.

No, see, but look at the first fucking thing you said: 
“She was attractive until she opened her mouth”

That doesn’t sound like someone who’s looking for a love life, that sounds like a dude who doesn’t want to respect women and if they have the nerve to call you out on it, you act like they’re CRAZY for wanting to be treated like a human being.

They aren’t “just compliments”. You don’t go up to a complete stranger on the street and look them up and down, make unsolicited comments about how she looks, and then expect to be fucking THANKED for it, okay? If I wanted someone to tell me how nice I looked, I’d ask. 

I don’t make myself cute every morning FOR YOU. I know it’s a crazy thing to wrap your head around that not EVERYTHING a woman does is so they can impress a dude, or get a dude, or to get hit on by a dude. I make myself look cute because I LIKE LOOKING CUTE. I don’t need you to tell me I look good, I already know I do, motherfucker, I dressed myself this morning.

Yeah, and that “I’d fuck you” bit? That’s not exaggeration. That’s actually pretty tame compared to what women get on a daily basis just for being outside. And we are expected to ignore it, keep walking and try to pretend we don’t hear the guy saying “Come on bitch, don’t you like compliments? I’m just trying to be friendly you frigid bitch! Dyke! Say fucking thank you!” OR to smile and let the guy down easy!! We are expected to face this COMPLETE STRANGER who is telling us how much he wants to fuck us and kindly say how we’re not interested, thank you, that’s very sweet, have a nice day. We are supposed to respond with kindness to this person who doesn’t have the decency to treat us with enough respect to just let a bitch live.

And if we don’t? If we do actually speak up and call this fucker out, say “fuck off” and “leave me alone”? We could get followed home, yelled at, attacked. And for what? For demanding respect. For expecting decency.

So YEAH. FUCK THAT. God fucking bless the girls who risk their necks and stand up for themselves. God bless the girls who shut that shit down.

You want a goddamn love life? LEARN HOW TO TALK TO A FUCKING WOMAN LIKE A FUCKING ADULT. If YOU can’t tell the difference between treating a woman like a piece of meat and treating her like an equal, you shouldn’t be fucking dating in the first place.

Go buy a Fleshlight and catcall THAT all you fucking want.


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“I wanna help..”

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Why aren’t there drive-throughs for fanfiction though?

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’d like a modern “pretend boyfriends” AU, no dub-con, add frottage, please.”

“Would you like a happy ending with that?”

“Yes, please.”

“And for length?”

“Oh, a 50k-er, please.”

“Will do, please pull around to the first window.”


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